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Help & Info about HandBrake for windows

  • What is HandBrake?

    The programme is a type of open source transcoder that has been designed especially for digital video files. The programme can be used to easily rip a film from a DVD to the data storage device specified by the user.
  • What Are the Key Features of HandBrake?

    One of the most popular features is hardware acceleration, while transcoding makes it possible for users to customise the output by manipulating the file size or bit rate. Batch encoding is supported through the programmes graphical interface to utilise various types of third party scripts.
  • What Audio and Video Support Does HandBrake Offer?

    The programme is compatible with a range of video formats such as Intel Quick Sync Video, Theora, MPEG-2 and libetheora. In terms of audio formats, the programme supports Advanced Video Coding, AC-3, FLAC, Vorbis, Opeus and a number of other applications.
  • How Do I Change My HandBrake Settings?

    Registered users of the programme will find all of their settings in the extensive board database. The settings can be changed through the Control Panel by following a link that is found when users click on their username located at the top of the board pages.
  • What Are HandBrake Friends and Foes Lists?

    Friends and foes lists can be used to organise the other board members of the board. Members that have been added to the friends list of a user can be contacted by private message, while the status and contact details of people in the foes list will be hidden.
  • How Do I Change My HandBrake Rank?

    Users will find their rank below their username and it indicates the number of posts that they have made. Rank is also used to identify moderators and administrators and users who wish to increase their rank can do so by adding more posts to a particular board.
  • How Do I Display an Avatar on HandBrake?

    Users can add an avatar to their profile any time they choose through Gallery, Gravatar, Upload or Remote. The board administrator is responsible for enabling avatars and determining which avatars they want to make available as well as the way they can be selected.
  • How Do I Create a New HandBrake Topic?

    In order to post a new topic in a forum, users simply need to click on New Topic. Type the title of the new topic and then create a post in the usual way. depending on the specifications of the administrator, it may be necessary to register before creating a new post.
  • What Are HandBrake Usergroups?

    Usergroups are all the different groups that have been established and can be viewed with the Usergroups link that is located in the User Control Panel. Users who want to join a group simply need to click on it, although not all groups may be open to new members.
  • What Are HandBrake Administrators?

    Members of a board who have been assigned the highest level are known as administrators. The administrators can control all of the features of the board from assigning avatars to approving new members.


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